We loved Signed Sealed Delivered!

We loved Signed Sealed Delivered! Tons of family and friends have commented on how talented and entertaining they were – dancers and “non-dancers” alike. My friend who was eight months pregnant at our wedding wasn’t planning on dancing, but couldn’t help herself because the band was so great! We also loved our departure…great idea! Everyone from my toddler age nieces and nephews to my 92 year old great aunt in her wheel chair enjoyed the music and dancing. (Yes, she rolled under the limbo). This was just what Jeff and I wanted – everyone to feel comfortable and have fun. SSD did a great job of interacting with the crowd without being obnoxious. I was also glad that they waited until later in the evening to do the limbo, blow up instruments, etc. By that point I felt like I could really relax and enjoy myself as well. (We’re still curious who requested Déjà vu though!)

Bride and Groom
January 2008